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Innosports wants to make your day

by Stacy Huen 0 Comments

Book us for the day! We have a lot of different sports to offer, all of which are a blast:

We have kickball available (10” rubber WAKA approved kickballs, plates) – $35 per hour

Johnball (a unique sport played with a wiffle bat and large plastic ball, lots of fun for any age) – $35 per 30 minutes

Quidditch (like from harry potter) we supply balls, brooms, goal hoops and everything needed – $70 for the first half hour and $50 for each additional 30 minute period (up to 3 periods)

Bubble soccer is as follows:

1 hour is $40 + $15 per bubble up to 16 bubbles

1.5 hours flat rate of $20/bubble up to 12 bubbles, or $250 for 16 bubbles.

2 hours is a flat rate of $300 for 16 bubbles!

We have 16 1.5M bubbles for people 5’0-6’6 and 2 1.2M bubbles for people under 5’0.