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Book a Private Event

by Stacy Huen 0 Comments

Do you want to have quidditch or bubble soccer at your event? We at innosports are committed to providing you with some great active entertainment for a reasonable fee. We recommend booking for 1-1.5 hours as people tend to be exhausted after 90 minutes. We pride ourselves on providing the most reasonable rates in Winnipeg. We bring the equipment, just let us know where the venue is and we will arrive with everything ready to go.

You can contact us at

For Bubble Soccer:

1 hour is $40 + $15 per bubble up to 16 bubbles

1.5 hours flat rate of $20/bubble up to 12 bubbles, or $250 for 16 bubbles.

2 hours is a flat rate of $300 for 16 bubbles!

We have 16 1.5M bubbles for people 5’0-6’6 and 2 1.2M bubbles for people under 5’0.

For Quidditch: 

$75 for the first half hour, and $50 for each half hour after that. Quidditch matches are typically played in 30 minute periods, up to 3 periods, but you can choose how long you would like to play.

For Bubble Soccer and Quidditch:

If you want to play bubble soccer and quidditch at the same event we will do both for only $300, with 1 hour of each. You can also take up to a 30 minute break between sports to catch your breath.