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Register for kickball!

Kickball registration is now open! Only $495/team if you sign up by June 19th, $595 if you register June 20th or later.

Kickball will be offered Mondays and Wednesdays starting July 5th. We have 13 weeks scheduled, and will guarantee at least 10 games (some may get rained out).

Click here to check it out.

Innosports wants to make your day

by Stacy Huen 0 Comments

Book us for the day! We have a lot of different sports to offer, all of which are a blast:

We have kickball available (10” rubber WAKA approved kickballs, plates) – $35 per hour

Johnball (a unique sport played with a wiffle bat and large plastic ball, lots of fun for any age) – $35 per 30 minutes

Quidditch (like from harry potter) we supply balls, brooms, goal hoops and everything needed – $70 for the first half hour and $50 for each additional 30 minute period (up to 3 periods)

Bubble soccer is as follows:

1 hour is $40 + $15 per bubble up to 16 bubbles

1.5 hours flat rate of $20/bubble up to 12 bubbles, or $250 for 16 bubbles.

2 hours is a flat rate of $300 for 16 bubbles!

We have 16 1.5M bubbles for people 5’0-6’6 and 2 1.2M bubbles for people under 5’0.